Signature Property Styling​

We now offer our signature property styling for clients that want a little extra luxury.

 Our signature property styling offers property styling furniture and props that are a luxury high end look and feel such as American oak, carved woods and luxury soft furnishings.

What will i get that differs from property styling?

1. An individual interior decoration design plan that is unique to your property and individual spaces.
2. A design brief that our stylists will create, review and outline for you.
3. Report and drawings of each room plan.
4. Concept of the property styling design
5. The property will be regually cleaned, vaccummed, maintained.
6. Fresh flowers will be changed weekly ready for open house and auction days.
7. An 8 week signature property styling campaign.
8. You will be assigned a personal stylist that will follow your property and discuss details with your real estate.

Please inform us if you are interested in this service, we advise this service for properties in the higher price brackets.

​Right: Concept image designed by Nelson Interior Stylists
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