Home staging - It does sell homes

Home staging or realestate styling is realitively new in Australia.
Home staging is the art of marketing your property from a furniture, spacial and design point of view making your property marketable allowing buyers to see its best assets.
We come to you with a clear design and colour pallette for your home transforming it to assist you in the best financial gain possible.
Im sure you are wondering how this works, below is a list of important information for you as a guide.
  • We give you a visual guide of how your home with be styled.
  • We are skilled in property styling and colour co-ordination giving you a house that is presentable and marketable to entice many potential buyers.
  • We come to you with fresh new to near new furniture that is light, bright and up to date.
  • All beds are made with high quality linens, covers and cushions giving the rooms a luxury high end feel.
  • Living areas are spaciously designed with light coloured fabrics and textures that create warmth and apeal.
  • We bring decor and, linens and plants that add to the overall feel and design of the home.
  • We offer support to you along the way - we are only a call away.
  • We set up with fresh flowers,pressed linens and make sure the property is photo ready . 

Homes that are styled sell faster and for a much better price allowing you as the home owner to move forward to your next project.

Please note: As much as we want to help all of our potectial clients we must stress that we do get booked out in advance.
Please call us on 0484 602 591 to book or see that dates are available for your property.