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Decoration and design

We offer a  personalised decoration and design service.
We come out to you for a 2 hour consultation where we discuss your project, colours, styles, products and the design.

Often clients say i just did not know where to start.
Some times it is just a matter of a bit of help to get your project running such as direction, samples, fabric scatches, knowledge,  websites or companies you can use, product purchases, design brief or a full design plan.

Give us a call on 0484 602 591  and we can start you on track to a beautiful design


How we can assist you ?

1. Getting started
2. Colour consulting
3. Furniture selection
4. Interior styling
5. Spacial planning 
6. Project management
7. Concepts
8. decoration and design

The most common thing when renovating, re styling or just changing the tiles is getting it right the first time.

Many clients start off doing it themselves and then realise that they have made costly mistakes as once they installed it they did not like the look or choices, make it easy and give us a call first .